Html tweaks

Quite some work has been put into the usability of the html website interface. Though if you don't like it, simply change src/template.html out for something more basic - or more fancy.

If you use the pypi package, this becomes more difficult, so the option to define your own template has been added to the configuration file:

Hover over any header to see a chain link icon. Clicking on this will send you to the page and scroll to the header location.


When you open a whole chain of notes, you'll be scrolled rightward to keep up.
Clicking on a click-back corner will align that note with the left of the screen. This allows you to move back/forward one note at a time.

Of course, the scrollbar and arrow keys are available too as methods of navigation.

The clickbacks are in the top right corner of every note:

Closing tabs

When you click on a new link in an earlier tab, all the open tabs after it will be closed.

Notice the url

There is a ?path= part in the link that allows you to open the same set of tabs after a refresh.

Graph view

Read more Graph View.